The WORKING list of Pak File Websites!

I have created this list of constantly updated pak file websites, because I found myself sick of trawling the web looking for them all and to make it easier for other people who would like to download and change their own pak files, I hope this comes in useful for you all. Enjoy - [BTF]adam

  • | Single Pak - Currently Untested. [WARNING: SLOW DOWNLOAD LINK]

  • | A TON of paks there, a lot euro-tdm based, so expect to see a lot of brightskins, some decent.

  • | Hi Resoloution Models Pak.

  •| A lot like the link above, but there are some different ones, worth a look (esp optimizer Special Edition 2!)

  • - adampak v1 and adampak v2. | They just totally own.. :D

  • - The X'tyfe eXperience. | Good pak, lot's of nice stuff - also things like q4 sounds, skins, etc.

  • | large collection of decent paks, needs an update though.

  • | HUGE - I MEAN HUGE - 8GB Quake II related site.. at least half a gig of paks! Decent ones too :D

  • | In my opinion a few crap paks, but may appeal to some people. :)

  • | Has the 32bit q2max Hi-Res Texture Pak hosted, under downloads.

  • | Several neat pak files here, amongst other stuff that you may find useful.

  • | SOME of these links still work within this site.. some don't. :)

  • All these links are guaranteed have been working since 01/01/07. I have trawled the internet in search of new and unfound paks, only to come up with hundreds of dead-ass links that don't work from god knows when back. I will update this list as and when I find new pak file web sites, there are more but not any more worth recognition.